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What We Offer



Summary page gives you the best picture of what is happening and what is expected to happen for the day and of your daily operation and highlights of the day. Expected arrivals and departures to your housekeeping turn-around time. Your daily briefings will revolve around this page. Your daily briefings will revolve around this page.

Incidents Module

No more manual logs! Seamless and fastest way of logging all your incidents and guest feedbacks with pre-set drop down menu. Easy way to locate and update existing logs/incidents.


Instant Notification

Upon logging the incident, the system may directly tag and send automated notification alerts by EMAIL/SMS to all concerned departments and managers. Daily Summary update for easy reference among Department Heads prior to your daily briefings.


In one click you may view and analyze the set of data you wish to analyze. A report engine allowing the same data set to be viewed at multiple angles. All reports are shown in human readable format for easy evaluation. We may customize the reports according to your needs.



The UNIQUE feature of GESS that enables you to have a quick glance and reminder to prioritize the guest involved in the incident upon their departure. Making sure that all of them are leaving your hotel with the good impression.

Hotel Chain Level Report

GESS is capable of providing consolidated regional reports across all properties of the Hotel Chain or group. You will have an overview of the common issues or feedback and even the best practices. Useful in assessing and standardizing the level of service.


Mobile Friendly

Report, monitor and be informed anytime and anywhere as our system is accessible and viewable in your smart phones or tablets.

Supporting Documents

In order to have a complete insight of the incident, you will be able to attach pictures, receipts and files as a supporting documents for better reporting and investigation.


Compensation Cost

You can now standardized and monitor your service recovery. The system allows you to tag the service recovery offered for each incident with a corresponding cost. It also provides a report that you will be able to monitor your expenditures.